Man performing pre purchase building inspections in North Hobart

Building inspection Hobart

Property investment is something that must be undertaken with the utmost care. At Bound Builders Pty Ltd, we take the stress out of property transactions by providing professional home building inspections. Our team, based in North Hobart, will visit the property and conduct a highly thorough inspection, which can account for structural integrity, roofing, plumbing, electrical and more. We then provide a detailed report clearly outlining our findings. Whether you're buying or selling, a building inspection is always a good idea. Contact Eric at Bound Builders Pty Ltd to arrange an appointment today.

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Building Services

At Bound Builders Pty Ltd in North Hobart, we offer a range of services for people buying and selling a home or commercial property:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections
  • Building Management
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Building fualt inspections

We provide detailed reports, costing estimates and dispute resolution services.  please call  on Mob 0418 120 013 or (03) 6228 0131. email

Reports cover

- Structural

- Roofing

- Electrical

- Plumbing

- Site Drainage

- Fencing

and include cost estimates 


Building Staff

All inspections are carried out by Eric Bound who has 35 plus years of experiance building, renovating and inspecting houses and commercial propertys. Eric is an Accredited Building Practitioner and has Profesional Indemnity insurance. Reports are available within 24 hours of inspection.